1L makes up to
64 spray bottles
1L Makes up to
25 Mop Buckets
EATOILS™ Super SRV™ is the most effective septic treatment product on the market today. All-Natural and Environmentally Friendly. Packaged with a simple, easy to use scoop, treating your septic system is easy - just add a scoop per month down your toilet or sink - that’s it! Monthly use will keep your septic system working efficiently and odor free!

Our septic system treatment is an All-Natural GREEN CHOICE™ APPROVED, and Chemical Free product. It works for septic systems, recreational vehicles(RVs), boats & portable toilet maintenance.

 EATOILS™ SUPER SRV™ is a fast acting formula that:
- clears drain lines of grease and food buildup, year round!
- prevents drain clogs so the system is ALWAYS clear and free running.
- digests greases, fats, oils, carbohydrates – and tissue in your tank.
destroys odors – even ones that come back up your drain.
- reduces the need for pump outs by over 80% (save 
$300 or more per pump out!). 

It’s Powerful - the SUPER concentrated formula means less cost per month.

With the use our EATOILS™ Green cleaning products for your household cleaning and you can reduce your use of SUPER SRV™ by 1/2]. There’s more than enough active ingredients in a heaping tablespoon to keep your system performing all month long.

SUPER SRV™ is even used in industrial applications! The microbial content (helpful bacteria and enzymes) decomposes the organic grease and oil buildup in drain lines, and reduces the odor causing components of even the smelliest environments.

Our product is the #1 all- natural selling septic treatment in North America.

EATOILS™ Super SRV™ is the concentrated form of other septic tank products. Other companies use our SUPER SRV™ as a concentrate in their products - then they dilute it down with filler to stretch it so they can sell it for a lower cost. SUPER SRV™ gets it done with only a heaping spoonful per month, other products need 2 – 5 times the amount to keep your treatment system running. Why pay more when you only need a bit of Super SRV™?

Our products are not sold in stores - they are only available for sale through our online store or by phone - order some today!

For all of the details on just how much you can save by using SUPER SRV™ read this article