EATOILS™ SUPER SRV™ Saves Time And Money While Controlling Septic System Odors

By Worldware Enterprises Ltd.

Sometimes we need to remember that the value of a product is measured by 1) what it does for us and 2) the value of the product compared to others in a meaningful way - not in how much we saved at the checkout counterA product that doesn't work is of little value and it usually is a complete waste of our hard earned money.  Septic system treatment products are a good example of this: their purpose is to break down the waste materials in our septic systems and keep them running clear and trouble free.

Some Septic treatment products do this well and we are rewarded by years of uninterrupted service, but many are either too harsh(chemical) or too weak(not enough active ingredients) to perform as expected.  Chemical treatment products usually address the odors but they don't look after the wastes as well as natural microbial treatment products.  The typical result of using the wrong product or dosage is a pungent odor from the system or, more often, a requirement for more frequent pumping - at quite a substantial cost (usually in the $300. or more range per time)! If your system is healthy and being treated with the 'right stuff' it should be pumped out every 5 - 7 years.

If your product is on the weak side you may never know - as most of us never look inside our septic tanks to see how they are doing.  We just go along, merrily adding our treatment product to the toilet once a month (or weekly, depending on the product) and we pay no attention to the result.  Unless we hear otherwise, all is well and therefore, we must be doing the right thing - because we don't know anything else!

Beware of this condition!  You could be in for a surprise when it comes time to pump out your septic tank.  If your product is too weak the waste materials in your tank will not break down as readily and you may be in for more costs as a result due to: 1) too much build-up = more frequent clean outs, 2) build-up in the tank requiring additional maintenance, 3) blocked lines requiring maintenance, and 4) poor circulation requiring maintenance.

If you are using a microbial treatment (bacteria or enzymes or a combination) the important question is how concentrated is the dose?  Some are more concentrated than others - some are actually the base or primary active  ingredient in others.  For example, our EATOILS™ SUPER SRV™ is super concentrated and it is the actually the active ingredient for many of the 'ready to use' septic treatment products on the market today.  These products contain 'fillers' and 'bulk' so that the cost per dose can be lower for you, the consumer (sometimes diluting our product down to as little as 5% of the finished product).  You could be putting up to a cup of material (that may end up blocking your system) down your toilet or as little as an ounce or two - every product is different (and impacts your tank differently).  As I mentioned at the top of this article, it is important to know the true value of the products you buy.

Our EATOILS™ SUPER SRV™ provides a much greater value to you because it delivers real results!  It is GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN and is safe for you and your family.  If you use our SUPER SRV™ in your septic system (one small scoop per month) and you avoid the use of harsh chemicals in your home, you will find that your septic system is free running and virtually odorless.  In addition, you will find that you will be able to go much further between pump outs, saving you both time and money in the long run. 

Many of our clients report that quite often when the pumper truck comes to their homes they actually find the tank is - both clean and empty! - Meaning they don't need to pump because the system is very happy and healthy!

Now for the value.  Many products are on the market at low and high price points per container.  A $10.00 or $20.00 price tag means very little if you can't measure it against its competition.  What you need to measure is how long a period the product will cover (in other words: if I use this product as directed, starting today, how long will it last before I need to buy again?).  Some products contain sachets or dissolvable packets - calculate out the amount of time it will take to use the contents of the container.  Then pick a period in time (our product will take 2.5 years to use the contents of the container) and figure out how much of each product you will need to cover the same time frame - NOW COMPARE THE COSTS.  In addition, you should consider the cost of pumping in the total cost of the product - if you are pumping every 3 years you have just added another $300.00+ to the cost of your product every 3 years. A product like ours may look expensive because the cost for the package is $40. but it can actually become one of your less expensive alternatives once you calculate out the total cost on an equal footing with the other products offered.


When you compare the results of how each of the products work, and how much each product costs over time we are sure that you'll see the overwhelming value of our EATOILS™ SUPER SRV™.

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