We believe that harsh chemicals are a major problem in our world today

Harming fish, wildlife, plants, and the very survival of our planet. We believe that instead of using harsh chemicals, there are better ways to deal with some of the worst cleaning problems. We have developed a complete range of economical yet green, safe yet powerful products that can actually outperform harsh chemicals at some of the toughest cleaning and treatment jobs out there. Our EATOILS™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN products are microbial cleaning products, using the power of nature to deep clean and destroy the dirt, grime, stains and odors that you might encounter every day, without harming surfaces or fabrics. With the non stop cleaning action of microbes and enzymes EATOILS™ products continue working until the job is done.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most effective yet safe, 1) Certified Green Cleaning products, 2) Septic, drain, grease trap maintenance & water treatment products, 3) bioremediation treatment products & services, and 4) spill response & absorbent products available. Our goal is to use leading edge technology to develop and find the best products, and to pass on the benefits of our expertise, economies of scale, and application information to our clients.

Our History

WorldWare Enterprises Ltd. (WWE) was founded in 1987. We are committed to the principle of maintaining a natural balance in our environment through education and the use of natural and low impact remediation. Our BioSolutions division has developed a range of environmentally friendly microbial products that can deep clean the toughest greases and odors. Our drain & septic treatment products have proven to save homeowners time and money. Our Cleaning & treatment products typically outperform traditional, harsh chemicals and yield more power for less. Our soil and water treatment products biologically digest petroleum oils, greases and other pollutants and they are ideally suited to municipal waste water treatment and soil bioremediation. Our corporate offices are located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. With manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Canada and the United States, we can readily serve a large and growing clientele worldwide.