Understanding Bio-enzymatic Cleaners

By Worldware Enterprises Ltd. | January 11, 2011

There is a new "kid in town" and he's claiming to be the best solution for all your cleaning needs.  He claims that he is a Bio-enzymatic cleaner.  First thing you need to know is that no one product can do all of your cleaning jobs. 

There are three major jobs - sanitizing, de-scaling, and cleaning.  Sanitizing is used to kill germs - products are usually high acid or caustic products like bleach, quaternary ammonia, or other chemically based killing products.  De-scaling products typically remove salts like rust, calcium & lime deposits that can build up from hard water in sinks, bowls, and on tile surfaces in showers - these products are usually high acid based fluids which chemically 'etch' the salts away.  Both of these types of products are typically harmful to the user and carry 'skeleton hand' and other warnings on the labels.  Cleaning is the removal of all other contaminants from the surface.  One of the best ways to remove contaminants from all surfaces is with microbial action.  Bio-enzymatic cleaners use microbial action to continuously clean the surface and remove both organic and inorganic compounds.  By using bacteria and enzymes organic materials can be broken down and digested, thus eliminating the 'food' from the surface.

In order to be a bio-enzymatic cleaner the product must incorporate bacteria and enzymes in its formula in some way.  The concentrations of components can vary as can the jobs that the products are designed to do.  Each different type of bacteria and every enzyme does different things.  The actual blending of different microbes with different enzymes and surfactant packages yield very different cleaning products of different strengths.

As with most things in life, not all Bio-enzymatic cleaners are created equal - you must see the results before you make your decision about which product best suits your needs.  For example, you should first determine what job you are looking to address.  In general, there are several jobs that Bio-enzymatic cleaners are ideally suited to do: 1) automotive oil and grease removal, 2) deep cleaning and odor control, 3) food grease removal, 4) grease trap treatment, 5) drain opening & maintenance, 6) septic treatment, 7) waste water treatment, 8) laundry & stain removal, 9) carpet cleaning, 10) parts washing, 11) bioremediation, etc.  Different formulas excel at different jobs.

At WorldWare Enterprises Ltd. we have developed a line of very exceptional bio-enzymatic cleaners - our EATOILS™ brand of GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN products, with specific products formulated to excel at each of the cleaning jobs outlined above.  Our products have proven to outperform other bio-enzymatic cleaning products when compared on actual job sites.

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