Septic Odors in Your Laundry Tub or Drain? Try SUPER SRV


One of our clients wrote in recently to ask: "We have intermitant odors from the sink in our laundry room generally after washing clothes. Our septic system was pumped out 3 months ago. Do you have a way to eliminate these odors?"

This was our response: Odors coming from the laundry tub or any sink or drain can be for a couple of reasons. Normally gases coming up a drain are because the 'p' trap has leaked allowing the gas to come through.

1) If the odor is a strong or septic type smell it could be from a crack in your 'p' trap below the sink allowing the gases to come back through the line - check to see if there is any water residue under the sink - if so, replace the 'p' trap and seal it well.

2) The odor could also be from debris in the drain line(like hair and lint from the wash) which is wicking away the water from the 'p' trap and allowing the gases to come through - you can put a scoop of our SUPER SRV™ down the drain at night followed by a cup of warm water, leave it overnight and check in the morning by running a tap for several minutes. Follow up with monthly dosing as this will do your septic treatment as well.

Our EATOILS™ SUPER SRV™ is not only ideal for maintaining your septic tank and drainfield in top condition, it also cleans drain lines and is an excellent treatment for portable toilets, boats and RVs.

Many of our clients have confirmed that when they use our EATOILS SUPER SRV in their septic systems monthly they can drastically reduce the number of times their tanks are pumped out - this means that when it is time to look at the tank(every 2 years or so) you can call for an inspection instead of a pump out - when the tank is inspected, if it is clean, there is no need to pump it out. . . .saving you hundreds of dollars per pump out!

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