Got Dirty Grout? EATOILS™ Has The Answer

By Worldware Enterprises Ltd.

Before - typical kitchen ceramic floor
with darkened grout lines from buildup 

Cleaning grout lines can be a very difficult task, particularly when you consider all the material that is usually collected in grout 'valleys'.  As Grout is typically a porous material like cement all sorts of oils, greases, and particles can get trapped in the grout and discolor it easily.  Traditional floor & tile cleaners do a pretty good job on the floor surfaces but they have virtually no effect on the discolored grout and over time the grout lines fill with these materials and can become unsightly.  Harsh chemicals and a lot of elbow grease have been the only answer for cleaning grout and the results have been inconsistent.  Short of getting down on your knees and manually scrubbing the grout, usually with nasty chemicals, there hasn't been a real alternative for cleaning grout until now.

After cleaning with SUPERFRESH
- note the original 'Champagne' grout

WorldWare Enterprises Ltd., manufacturer of EATOILS™ GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED Green Cleaning Products, has discovered that the deep cleaning characteristics that you are looking for in a grout cleaning product are already available for you to use in our SUPER CONCENTRATED GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS - and it only takes a few minutes!  These products include: BT200, BIOBLAST™, SUPERFRESH™, and SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™For best results on a small area: 1) spray the concentrated formula onto the groutlines to wet, 2) add approximately double the amount of water, 3) agitate with a soft bristle brush, and 4) watch months of buildup disappear in a few minutes.  For larger areas:  1) mix the cleaning solution at 4 oz./ gallon of warm water and soak the floor with 1/2" of cleaning solution, 2) leave it in place for 20 minutes or so, then 3) brush with a straight broom, and 4) squeegee the entire floor - you'll see all kinds of contaminants removed with this method.  For 'restaurant makeover' type clean-ups: you can use this method with a steam cleaner to bring back the original 'sparkling clean' grout - just like new!  Naturally, if the quality of the grout has deteriorated and broken down over time, you should use these cleaning methods then follow up with grout repair (if you don't clean it first you will seal in the dirt and it will be impossible to bring back the original clean grout lines).  Also, be aware of floor sealers as they typically seal in the dirt - strip the sealer before attempting to clean the grout and only seal the floor after all contaminants have been removed from the grout lines.

Grout cleaning can be a pain - but if you can use the methods and products offered by EATOILS™ GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN products you will find the process can be painless for you and the results will dramatically improve the look of your tiled areas.


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