EATOILS™ Products Work 'Hand In Hand' With Green Disinfectants to Keep Your Facility Clean And Green

By Worldware Enterprises Ltd. | August 6, 2009

EATOILS™ Products Work 'Hand In Hand' With Green Disinfectants to Keep Your Facility Clean And Green
We are frequently asked, "how do your products work with Green disinfectant products?" This is a great question.

Green Disinfectant products kill germs. Most Green disinfectant products use relatively safe disinfectants like Hydrogen Peroxide in their formulas. These products kill germs on contact, then the products are neutralized and are wiped off. This approach achieves a 'germ kill' rate of near 100% to satisfy the requirements of a 'germ free' facility like a hospital or daycare centre. Disinfecting is a step in the cleaning process - and it is a very important cleaning step in high risk environments. Unfortunately, most traditional disinfecting cleaners do not clean very well and most Green Disinfectant products are great at killing germs, but poor at cleaning and removing organic and other contaminants.

Our EATOILS™ Green products deep clean and remove all kinds of soils and organic contaminants from all surfaces. Deep cleaning is a part of the cleaning process and, unlike disinfectants, our products require some dwell time to do their job well. With EATOILS cleaning products you only need to 'mop and go' - there is no rinsing required. Our products outperform traditional cleaning products at removing organic and other soils. Typically, the longer the cleaned area is left alone after cleaning, the more deep cleaning EATOILS products can do. For up to 80 hours after a surface is cleaned the 'good microbes' in our products keep on working - deep cleaning right down into the pores of tiles, grout, and cracks & crevices where organic materials can accumulate. While our products contain 'good microbes' that do the deep cleaning work, they won't remove any harmful microbes or 'germs' from these surfaces.

The optimal approach to obtain the best 'overall clean facility' is to use the two product categories in tandem or 'hand in hand'. Working together, you can get the 'best of both worlds' when you are looking for a 'Green, Clean & Germ Free environment' - here's how: - 1) Alternate times when each product is used, - 2) As disinfectants work quickly and are devastating to microbial cleaners, allow the EATOILSGREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN products the time they need to deep clean the 'food' from all surfaces (ideally overnight and 30 minutes after each disinfecting cycle) , - and 3) disinfect when necessary for a 'germ free' environment (ideally first thing in the morning and as needed throughout the day when 'GERM' events occur).

We have many clients who use this approach to keep their facilities 'Green, clean, & germ free' and safe for their employees and clients.

How about ordering some today?

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