SUPERFLOW Liquid Drain Opener / Treatment

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EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ Liquid Drain Opener / Treatment is a HEAVY DUTY DRAIN OPENER that is GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN – this safe yet powerful drain opener outperforms others - it unclogs drains fast! And it won't harm pipes or septic systems. When a plunger just isn't enough . . . Compare and you'll see that this product is not only safer for your drains, but you will find it is more cost effective than alternative drain openers - 4 ounces down your drain at night vs. a whole bottle of product from the competition. Why pay $$$ for a plumber to come and inspect your plumbing when you can clear the clog yourself with SUPERFLOW?

This concentrated liquid drain opener unclogs and unblocks drains & pipes naturally, cleaning organic blockage without harsh chemicals – even through standing water! Here's a short video to show you how!

EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ Industrial strength natural drain opener is a ready to use, safe formula that:

  • Speeds the digestion of fats, oils and grease that coat the drain & pipe walls causing clogged drains & blocked lines

  • Unclogs and clears blocked drain lines of grease buildup and other natural drain clogging materials

  • Restores flow to slow running drain lines quickly

  • Eliminates odors due to buildup in the drain pipes

  • Works even through standing water to release blockages and restore flow to drain line

Avoid harsh chemicals or solvents - EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ uses tiny beneficial microbes to digest the things that typically cause clogged drains and blocked pipes (fats, oils, grease, protein, starch, and carbohydrates) and increases flow without harming pipes or drains.

How about drains in air conditioner lines? SUPERFLOW™ keeps air conditioner lines running clear.

Clear those blocked drains with SUPERFLOW™!




Most busy drains are time consuming to maintain and the cost of regular visits from the plumber can add up. Are you pouring dollars as well as treatment product down the drain? Are drain odors a problem? Are you concerned about the chemicals that are going down your drain and what they are doing to your drain lines?

Many treatment products are too dangerous - using harmful ingredients & chemical reactions to ‘boil’ the blockage, to move it along, causing your pipes to heat up and deteriorate. If you aren’t applying enough of these products to your drains they can get clogged, odors can become a problem, and you may need to call the plumber – at quite a cost to you - $$$.

Why not take a different, safer approach? Our EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ delivers exceptional results - safely - every time. For standing water or slow moving drains, even one treatment can save you money – regular maintenance keeps drain lines clear and odor free. Our busiest clients(hotels & restaurants) typically find that they can reduce the frequency of plumber visits by up to 80% – that’s like going from 5 times per year down to only once!

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! – Only a few ounces per treatment can keep your lines running clear. EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ is GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN, CFIA APPROVED and it is totally safe for ALL drains.


#1 selling formula - Our super concentrated formula delivers reliable, repeatable results. The active ingredients in EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ use bio-enzymatic action that keeps on working long after you’re done!

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  • drain maintenance
  • a/c condenser line maintenance

We're Green

We believe that harsh chemicals are a major problem in our world today - harming fish, wildlife, plants, and the very survival of our planet. We believe that instead of using harsh chemicals, there are better ways to deal with some of the worst cleaning problems. We have developed a complete range of economical yet green, safe yet powerful products that can actually outperform harsh chemicals at some of the toughest cleaning and treatment jobs out there. Our EATOILS™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN products are microbial cleaning products, using the power of nature to deep clean and destroy the dirt, grime, stains and odors that you might encounter every day, without harming surfaces or fabrics. With the non stop cleaning action of microbes and enzymes EATOILS™ products continue working until the job is done.



SUPERFLOW Clears Blockages in Drain Lines Without Damaging Pipes

When drains are running slowly or blocked it can be very tempting to attack the problem with harsh chemicals - unfortunately, harsh chemicals do not always clear the blockage PLUS they can actually harm your pipes! EATOILS SUPERFLOW is a natural product that clears blocked drains. For a blocked drain 10 - 12 oz. down the drain at night can unclog a blocked drain by the next morning without damaging pipes or stressing the drain system.  For slow moving drains 4 oz. down the drain at night for 3 nights can gently ease the congestion in the line without damaging pipes or stressing the drain system. Billions of tiny microbes attack the organic material in the clog and liquefy it to open the blockage, then the microbes coat the walls of the pipes to keep waste moving safely down the drains for several days.

This product is ideal for opening waste water drains in all situations, including air conditioning condensate lines, high efficiency furnace condensate lines, etc.


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SUPERFLOW Keeps Drain Lines Running Clear

Great as a drain line maintenance product, EATOILS SUPERFLOW keeps systems running clear. Whether you have a large or small property to maintain, this product will help to prevent drain lines from clogging and backing up. Daily, weekly or monthly treatments(depending on the volumes of waste water passing through the system) can keep your system running at peak performance.


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Our online orders are shipped from Buffalo, NY by UPS or from Cambridge, Ontario. Orders processed on the internet are shipped next business day, subject to product availability.

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