1L makes up to
64 spray bottles
1L Makes up to
25 Mop Buckets


Cleaner & Deodorizer for Soft Surfaces deep cleans and deodorizes all types of soft surfaces like carpet, upholstery, clothing, fabric, etc.; removing all traces of organic materials like coffee, wine, pet & human urine, chocolate, grass stains, blood, vomit, milk, perspiration, etc. – and it keeps on working for days!

SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ is ideal for deep cleaning spots on carpet & upholstery, extracting for full carpet and upholstery jobs (just put it into your extraction machine 2 – 4 oz. per gallon of warm water), as a pre-spray for high traffic areas, as a pre-spray or pre-wash for your laundry, as a cleaner/deodorizer for pets and pet areas, sports equipment, etc. SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ has an added ingredient that prevents "tracking" on high traffic areas, acting like a conditioner to repel contaminants that want to attach to your carpeting and upholstery. This product is used by professionals for removing smoke odor, mold & mildew, and even for crime scene cleaning. 

Most chemical cleaners rely on either VOC’s (volatile organic compounds – solvents, etc.) or strong chemicals to do the cleaning – once you finish cleaning the carpet they are finished! While they are initially good at cleaning the surface stain, they have little or no effect on the underlying food on the carpet backing, underpadding, & floor.


SUPER CAREPET-FRESH™ is an All-Natural (GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED FOR USE ON FOOD PREP & FOOD PRODUCTION FACILITIES), environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable cleaner and deodorizer that actually eats the odor and staining while it deep cleans all surfaces. It will remove all traces of stains and leave your areas smelling fresh and clean.
The Benefits of using SUPER CARPET-FRESH™

  • Kills Odors FAST - Other Products Just Mask the Smell.
  • Predictable Results - Deep Cleans Everything, Penetrating Surfaces and Removing Contaminants from Pores.
  • Amazing at removing mold & mildew
  • Lower Long-Term Cost - A Little Goes A Long Way
  • Less Work - One Step Cleaning – NO RINSING – Just Mop and Go – Or Spray and Go!
  • Dependable Odor Removal = Less Smelly Atmosphere = Happier Clients.
  • Safe to Use – Contains No Harmful Ingredients.
  • Super Carpet Fresh™ uses non-stop microbial cleaning action – It keeps on working long after you are done, deep cleaning for up to 72 hours!

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