Work Smarter, Not Harder With EATOILS™ Green Cleaning Products

By Worldware Enterprises Ltd. | August 26, 2010

Work Smarter, Not Harder With EATOILS™ Green Cleaning Products

Are you tired of endless cleaning, scrubbing, rinsing, polishing, scrubbing, cleaning and neverending work trying to keep your floors bright and clean?  Perhaps it's time to try EATOILS™ Green Cleaning Products - you'll save both time and money - and you'll have your cleanest floors ever!

One of the wonderful facts about using EATOILS™ Green Cleaning Products is that you only need to wet the floor area with the products for the cleaning action to start working.  This means that you can confidently damp mop a floor area from edge to edge and once the product is in place it starts working!  Billions of tiny scrubbers keep on working for up to 80 hours, deep cleaning and removing all traces of soils, foods, and other deposits, leaving a brighter, cleaner surface for your clients and guests.

You don't need to use much . . . usually 2 oz in a gallon of warm water is all that you'll need to make the best cleaner that you have ever tried.  That's right!  Not just the best GREEN CLEANER, BUT THE BEST CLEANER, PERIOD.

You don't need to scrub corners . . . the billions of tiny scrubbers in the product do the work for you, deep cleaning into the pores of floor surfaces to remove deposits and build-ups that have developed over time.  For faster results on heavy build-up, you could soak the floor using the product in diluted form and let it sit for an hour, then come back and squeegee the entire area - you'll be shocked at how much nasty material is removed.  Then, let it continue to work until the next sceduled cleaning. 

You don't need  to rinse . . . the floor dries bright and clean!  Without the extra level of labor required to rinse every time you save more every time you clean.

You don't need to clean as often . . . our clients report that they can reduce their frequency of cleaning by between 1/3 and 1/2 by using our products.  For properties with multiple cleanings scheduled per day, you'll find that your floors are cleaner and require less actual cleanings per day - you just keep on saving - time and money - every time you clean.

You don't need to disinfect as often . . . for clients who need to disinfect regularly due to health concerns, (hospitals, food service, schools, retirement facilities, institutional accounts) the regular use of EATOILS™ Green Cleaning Products in conjunction with sanitizing cleaners can actually provide the best of both worlds - eliminating harmful micro organisms and deep cleaning to remove organic matter & odors.  The regular use of EATOILS™ Green Cleaning Products effectively displaces harmful microbe populations from floor surfaces over time.  By incorporating EATOILS™ Green Cleaning Products into your cleaning program and reducing the frequency of disinfecting cleanings in less sensitive areas like hallways, cafeterias, etc. the combination of cleaning programs can actually provide the best total care for clients.

EATOILS™ Green Cleaning Products for floor cleaning include: 1) BIOBLAST™ for general purpose deep cleaning and deodorizing,  2) SUPERFRESH™ for deep cleaning and deodorizing smelly areas including bathrooms, kitchens, plus garbage bins, and 3) SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ for degreasing busy kitchen floor areas.

All EATOILS™ Green Cleaning Products  are considered 'ONE-PASS CLEANING PRODUCTS' and are part of our sustainable green product line.  All EATOILS™ products are GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN - safe for you and the planet, yet effective for your toughest jobs.

You'll even save on septic product use when you deep clean with EATOILSTM cleaning products - they actually clean and improve drainage systems as they enhance the breakdown of organic wastes in your septic system.  You can even reduce the amount of septic product used by up to 50% when you eliminate harsh cleaning chemicals(bleach, solvents, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent) and replace them with environmentally friendly cleaning products.

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