Pets are great company during periods of self-isolation

By Bart Van Cromvoirt

Ownership of Pets

It has long been known the benefits of owning and associating with pets. During these difficult times relating to the Corona Virus (COVID 19). Many individuals and families rely on their association with pets to help in dealing with the new norm. The sale of pets since the outbreak of the virus has grown. Pets are great company during periods of self-isolation, working from home, and a reduction in social human interactions.
Some of the health benefits of having a pet include:
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Decreased cholesterol levels
  • Decreased triglyceride levels
  • Decreased feelings of loneliness
  • Increased opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities
  • Increased opportunities for socialization
Pet owners are purchasing in an improved informed manner products to feed and care for their animals. As a continuing trend, pet owners today are becoming more sensitive to their own health and that of their pets. Pet owners are looking for better natural solutions to their needs and that of their pets. They are demanding foods made with more with natural ingredients and pet care/grooming products which are similar while containing less strong chemicals and toxic ingredients.
The purpose of this Blog is to explore specific issues that pet owners face from time to time This relates to pet grooming, pet accidents, care of pet areas, plus strong urine, kitty litter, skunk, and kennel odors. Treating these issues with natural environmentally friendly microbial products that are safe for individuals and pets alike. This blog will present an alternative, a gentle fully sustainable natural product that has been used for cleaning for many years. Our company WorldWare Enterprises Ltd, has for over 32 years developed unique formulations that naturally clean, deodorize, remediate oil stains, and generally deal with Hydrocarbons. The product being referred to is EATOILS™. This Blog will describe how, when and at time who is using microbial all-natural products to clean and deal with odors as it relates to pets. You can check out the EATOILS™ website at
Introduction to Natural Cleaners and Odor Treaters - Traditional cleaners use harsh chemicals(highly acidic or highly caustic) to chemically neutralize residue on surfaces and they rely on chemical surfactants(bubble causing chemicals) to remove residual materials together with a thorough rinsing program. As a result, these chemicals can only clean for the few seconds that they are in contact with the surface and hopefully reacting chemically with the residue on the surface. Harsh chemicals can damage fabrics or skin and these harsh chemicals require warnings on their product labels (skeleton hand, corrosive, may react with other chemicals in your cupboard) which can put your family at risk from exposure.

EATOILS™ microbial cleaners have been proven to outperform traditional cleaners in virtually every situation. The combination of natural surfactants and active microbials provide:
  • A thorough cleaning of the surface without rinsing
  • Ongoing cleaning action for up to 4 days
  • Reduced odors due to the removal of odor causing materials
  • GREEN, environmentally friendly and safe for you and your family,
  • a less costly option for you = more cost effective for you
EATOILS™ microbial cleaners with their ongoing cleaning action, actually remove the organic materials (such as pet urine etc.) which make up most of the residue found on surfaces and deep in cracks and crevasses in the surface material including pet hair. This makes them ideal for some of the toughest pet cleaning jobs that are out there like:
  • removing urine and fetes residue and odors from kennels
  • deodorizing kitty litters
  • removing and deodorizing skunk odors from pets
  • removing odors from areas such as artificial turf where pets run and relieve themselves.
  • deep cleaning carpets & upholstery, removing pet urine stains and odors,
  • removing odors and residue from high traffic washrooms & kitchen surfaces,
  • removing perspiration odor from sports equipment, pads, bags, etc.,
  • removing garbage odors, skunk odors, pet odors, etc. from all surfaces,
  • removing food and other organic stains from all surfaces,
  • removing food and other organic materials from kennel runs
  • prevent the spread of pests in food plants and other facilities,
  • controlling algae in ponds and waterways where pet fish are kept,

So, you ask, if EATOILS™ microbial cleaners are so great, why haven't we seen them in our local stores? First, the big guys in cleaning products do not want you to know about our products - there are only a few giant soap companies and they rule the stores with their harsh chemical products. Second, the cost of entry into the retail cleaning products industry is prohibitively high (advertising, buying shelf space, paying store premiums, etc.) and we do not think you deserve to pay for that. Third, our products are sold in concentrated form - typically a gallon of our SUPERFRESH will make 64 gallons of cleaner - so the cost, even when you add in shipping by UPS works out to less than 1/2 what you would pay in the store - for a product that is SAFE and actually works! Fourth, our customers are our best advertisers - once a customer tries our products and sees how well they actually work, they are happy to share their experience and good news with their friends. The EATOILS™ products are available from the company website at
We have been growing by word of mouth and through the internet for the past 32 years. Our products really do work and can save you money.
Kennel areas with Concrete and/or Artificial Turf runs - Are you using artificial turf in your yard or kennel area for your pets? EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ is a great solution for keeping your artificial turf clean and odor free for your pets.

We have known for many years that our SUPERFRESH™ is an excellent odor controlling / cleaning product for the worst situations - kennels, skunk, pet accidents, crime scene clean-up, smoke, etc. Now, we have a growing number of clients who are claiming that this is a great product for cleaning and deodorizing artificial turf in pet areas - not only does it deep clean the 'pee and poop', but it also controls the residual odor that the pets leave behind.

Some clients have had such a problem with pet odors and clean-up in their yards that they have removed the grass and replaced it with artificial turf. Well, now you can safely wash down the yard with warm water and then spray the turf with SUPERFRESH™ (4 - 6 oz. added to a gallon of warm water in a garden sprayer) and the product will actively clean and deodorize the entire area in minutes! For stronger odors you can increase the ratio of product to water. Pets with a Skunk Spray and Odors - We hear these types of stories all the time, but this one was a little different. This is the story of a little white cat who came across a skunk and the result of that encounter.

Recently, I was at one of my regular networking meetings with several of my colleagues from different industries. Linda, the local Kwik Kopy Printing franchise owner, was talking about her recent weekend trip away from town and what she came home to . . .

"While I was away, it seems that my little white cat, Mader (shown here with her buddy, Abby, The Black Lab) went out exploring near our property and somehow had found herself 'face to face' with another cat - a little black and white striped cat - not! - it was a very real, very smelly SKUNK! The skunk was apparently not impressed with our little Mader or her advances, so as skunks do, she sprayed our little kitty. Anyway, when she finally came home she smelled very skunkish so the lady who was housesitting for us tried the 'old tomato juice treatment' on our poor little cat, washing her from head to toe in the stuff to get rid of the skunk smell. When she was finished, she was horrified to find that our little white cat had turned PINK - and that she smelled worse than ever! As you have probably gathered by now, the old home remedy of tomato juice doesn't work to remove skunk odor.
By the time my husband and I got home from our trip, our house sitter was quite upset about the whole thing and worried for our poor little 'skunky' kitty. As soon as I dropped my bags, I went to the cleaning supply cupboard and pulled out my trusty EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ and began to soak Mader in it. I rubbed it into her coat and all over - everywhere that the tomato juice had gone. The skunk smell was gone in seconds and the pink from the tomato juice was gone too! A quick rinse in the shower - luckily, Mader loves the shower, and a good rubdown with a nice warm towel and Mader was as good as new! It's now several weeks later and there is no sign of the skunk smell or that awful pink color - and Mader is off exploring once again - only this time she'll know not to approach a striped kitty if she comes across one!"
Linda has used our EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ for cleaning both of her pets, their bedding, litter areas, and wherever accidents occur. She swears by our products and she refers us to her friends - and with stories like these, who would not want to try our products!
"I still can't get over the fact that her cat loves to take a shower! I've had cats who will stand on the side of the tub and glare at me - but never one who wanted to join in!"
Animal lovers Dale and Melanie DeAeth of Washington, Texas, who started the True Blue Animal Rescue organization, and their three children, Jessica, Cory and Colton, had their own home rescued by Ty and the gang in episode 15, in January, 2006.
The DeAeths are the first people the Texas law enforcement calls when they find abused and neglected animals. Their True-Blue Animal Rescue organization provides a safe haven to horses, dogs and other animals that need loving care - and its run out of their own home!
While both parents have been working full-time jobs in addition to rescuing, nurturing, and adopting out animals, they neglected their own house, which was literally falling apart! The DeAeth home's foundation had shifted, the walls were cracked throughout, and termites had invaded.
Since they started True Blue Animal Rescue, the DeAeths have taken in over 90 dogs and 40 horses - many of which were living full lives in adopted homes as of show time. But they still had 30 dogs and 15 horses on their property and several cats that were in temporary foster homes. Between vet costs and nutrition, this family needed rescue themselves.
This family was so busy that everyone pitched in to help the animals in the evenings and on weekends, and each child had his/her own rescue dogs with their own special story. Melanie also helped take in and rescue animals left homeless in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and took horses and dogs back home with her to adopt out. In this episode, the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" team headed to a Texas ranch to take care of the family who've worked hard to end animal abuse and neglect by taking care of so many of our furry friends!
While Ty and the gang, along with the hundreds of workers and volunteers and local builder Stylecraft Builders, Inc., transformed their house into a comfortable and safe home and animal shelter, the DeAeth family went on vacation to Palm Springs.
The design team for this episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" featured team leader Ty Pennington, Tanya McQueen, Michael Moloney, Ed Sanders, and Eduardo Xol.
WorldWare Enterprises Ltd. donated cases of EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ and SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ to the family for their ongoing cleaning, deodorizing and pet care requirements. These products are in use every day in kennels and homes for cleaning and deodorizing pet areas, pets, and for cleaning all surfaces indoors and out. Here is a testimonial received today from one of our EATOLS distributors:
YES, it does work as advertised. As the Houston, Texas, USA, distributor for EATOILS™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS I am continually amazed on a daily basis at what these products can do. I enjoy reading about the successes our customers have at solving some of their toughest cleaning challenges. One that I figured that I would never have to experience firsthand was how well it would work at removing skunk odor. I had never seen a skunk alive, (usually only dead on the road) much less smelled one.
The other night as I looked out the back door of our second-floor deck, I saw something scurrying around in the backyard, I figured it was my barn cat playing. I put my bright spotlight on it and sure enough there were 3 skunks running around in the backyard.
Later, as I let my dog into the house for the evening, I immediately smelled the most awful, heavy odor of my life. I realized at once that my dog had been sprayed by the skunk. I could tell that my dog, (Moxie) knew it too, he had this look of embarrassment and a "please help me" look on his face.

I immediately grabbed my 1/2-gallon milk jug of SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ that I keep mixed at 6 ounces to the gallon for heavy deodorizing and cleaning and rushed my dog to the bathtub. I completely wet my dog, and then poured the Super Carpet Fresh all over him, working it in gently with my fingers. Almost immediately I could tell the odor was dissipating and WITHIN 2 MINUTES THE ODOR WAS COMPLETELY GONE.

I then took my quart sprayer of SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ mixed at 2 ounces per gallon of water and sprayed the solution into the air as I walked around the house - and WITHIN 1 MINUTE the lingering effects of the odor in the house were completely gone. My wife was shocked at how well the SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ worked. Of course, I was not - this product has NEVER failed to do what it says it will do.

After my dog had dried, I noticed he looked cleaner and smelled better than after any previous time I had given him a bath with those store-bought dog shampoos. This is how I will bathe my dog from now on.

Doug Rucker, Clean and Green Solutions, GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED Green Cleaning Products for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial - Porter, Texas
This information was intended to present to the pet owner an alternative that are much more natural in dealing with the care and grooming of pets. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will attempt to answer them. Good luck and continue to enjoy your pets by you and your family. You will all be better off if you do.