Summer Time Means More Humidity And More Odors, Deep Clean With Eatoils To Remove Even The Worst Odors


Summer time brings heat and humidity which can make some funky odors appear out of nowhere.

So, what is happening? Every time you spill food or have an accident that causes a spill on furniture, carpet, floors, etc. minute particles of organic material become embedded in your household surfaces(upholstery, carpet fibres, grout, pores of tiles, etc.). As it dries, the material remains in your home in a dried form. As the humidity goes up in the summer months, the 'food' re-hydrates and attracts bacteria which love to eat the food. As these bacteria attack the food, they give off odors which you notice as those 'funky odors'. Regular cleaning only removes a portion of the food so the odors keep on coming. Most odor control products only cover up the odors for a short time period and then the odors come back.

What should you do? We believe that you should remove the source of the problem, the food. By using our EATOILS SUPER CARPET-FRESH you can deep clean all surfaces, immediately deodorize the area, and actually digest the food without leaving any funky odors. Our products keep on working for up to 72 hours, digesting the food materials and cleaning the area. Once the food is gone, there won't be any more odors to bother you.

Our EATOILS deep cleaning products actually outperform traditional cleaning products, providing a GREEN alternative that really works! Our products are pet and family safe, GREEN, and they actually cost less to use than most products on the market today. Why don't you try it and see? Click here.