Spray & Squeegee Or Spray & Wipe Cleaning

By Worldware Enterprises Ltd. | November 20, 2009

Spray & Squeegee Or Spray & Wipe Cleaning
Recent reports have shown that 'spray & squeegee type' cleaning or 'spray & wipe'  or 'touchless' cleaning practices like microfibre systems are better at controlling residue that could typically be left behind by 'mop' and 'sponge mop type' cleaning systems.  The main reasons cited in these reports are related to the contaminant resdue levels that sponge mop and string mop systems inherently have due to the material in the mop and sponge systems.  This material is singled out primarily due to the way that the cleaning system is used - both mop styles assume that the user is continually re-dipping the dirty mop/sponge back into the bucket and re-contaminating the mop/sponge with the dirty water and re-applying it to the surface to be cleaned.  In addition, the typically harsh chemicals used in these methods actually attack the mopheads and spongeheads and break them down - If you want to understand just how bad these products are for the mopheads take a moment and smell your mophead at the end of the cleaning shift when traditional cleaning products are used - you'll smell the mold on the mophead!  We have found that when traditional cleaning products are used in a typical janitorial application a mophead lasts only one week.

In most of our EATOILS™ literature we have pointed out how well our products work at cleaning the mophead/spongehead every time it is inserted into the bucket because our cleaning technology is much more efficient than traditional cleaners that rely on chemical action ONLY to clean.  Traditional cleaning products use harsh chemicals and/or solvents to break down dirt and residue - this process deteriorates as the cleaning solution gets dirtier and eventually, the fluid in the bucket needs to be changed.  Our EATOILS™ products actually don't deteriorate as the solution gets dirtier, so the cleaning action is not adversely affected as the fluid in the bucket is used.  In fact, we have proven time and again that the surface is effectively cleaned much more thoroughly with our EATOILS™ products than with any other method using the mop/sponge type cleaning method.  In addition, we have proven that mopheads last 6-10 times longer when used with our products because our products don't attack the mopheads (they smell nice and clean at the end of the cleaning shift).  Over and over again we have proven that EATOILS™ products outperform traditional cleaning products at the toughest jobs!

At the same time, our products work exceptionally well with microfibre, spray & squeegee, 'wetswiffer' type and spray & wipe  touchless approaches when compared to other cleaning products.  Our EATOILS™ products are actually better cleaning products - they are the only ones with non-stop cleaning action, and they are the only ones that "keep on working long after you are done!"

EATOILS™ cleaning products work well in high risk environments too!  When combined with sanitizing and anti-microbial cleaning products in a cleaning/disinfecting system they provide the "best of both worlds" - Deep cleaning and removal of organics combined with germ control for the most demanding environments.

These EATOILS™ cleaning products (SUPERFRESH™ CLEANER/DEODORIZER FOR HARD SURFACES, SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ CLEANER/DEODORIZER FOR SOFT SURFACES, BT200™ DEGREASER FOR OIL & GREASE STAINS, SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ for food grease on kitchen floors and BIOBLAST GENERAL PURPOSE CLEANER) require no rinsing and are very cost effective as well - 1/2 ounce in a quart spray bottle filled with water will yield an amazing cleaner that will work harder than most off the shelf cleaners at a fraction of the cost. ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN.

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