Cleaning Ovens is Easier and Safer with EATOILS™ SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™

By Worldware Enterprises Ltd. | November 23, 2011

Cleaning Ovens is Easier and Safer with EATOILS™ SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™

Another testimonial for our EATOILS™ SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ - this time from our distributor in Houston, Texas.


This oven was cleaned for a customer using EATOILS™ SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ Certified Green Degreaser. After many attempts to clean this oven:  1) using store bought products (like "Easy Off" and others that contain dangerous toxins and chemicals), and 2) taking a long time to clean (as the product has to dwell), and then 3) leaving that terrible residual smell when you use the oven again.   The EATOILS™ SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ cleaned this oven in ONLY 15 minutes.  It even performed better than using the self cleaning option - a) as the oven did not have to heat up to almost 700 degrees to bake the caked on and burnt food, b) wasting valuable electricity, c) plus the time factor - it takes 6-8 hours to perform the self cleaning cycle and d) the heat it generates in the house.

Here is how he did it. He mixed the EATOILS™ SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ at 6 ounces to a gallon of water and then thoroughly sprayed the inside of the oven and the oven racks. He then let it sit for 15 minutes and wiped the inside of the oven with PAPER TOWELS. There were two spots that the oven had some really baked on grease, to the point that it was crusty, and he simply sprayed a soft scour pad sponge with the SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™, lightly scrubbed the spots, and the residue & stains came up easily.

The SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ also cleaned all the splatters off the oven window and door. The oven looked brand new when we were done.

The EATOILS™ SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ is the only cleaner you need for tough cleaning jobs like ovens, barb-b-cue pits & grills, pot's & pans, and other items that can get a buildup of baked on grease and grime on them.

The best part is the price. A quart of EATOILS™ SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ solution (diluted at 6 ounces to a gallon of water - 1.5 oz/qt.) costs the consumer less than .80 cents for this job (based on the cost of 1.11 qt. = 18.00USD - a US gallon of the product sells for $58.00 plus shipping). Compare that to store bought cleaners that run $3.00-$4.00 or more for less than a quart of product. Plus the EATOILS™ SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™  is totally safe to use, GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN, contains zero harmful ingredients, and takes a lot less time.

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