Asphalt Sealer On Concrete? Not A Problem With EATOILS™ BT200™

By Worldware Enterprises Ltd. | August 11, 2010

Asphalt Sealer On Concrete?  Not A Problem With EATOILS™ BT200™

Here's what our distributor had to say about this situation.  "The customer had hired a kid to seal his driveway for him (a brand new home in a new sub-division of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada).  He gave the young fellow the money to pick up the sealer and rollers - and he assumed the young man knew what he was doing.  Apparently, the young fellow picked up a pail of asphalt driveway sealer by mistake and he had applied it to the majority of the open aggregate driveway before he realized something was terribly wrong.  Needless to say the homeowner was quite upset."Our local Distributor, Monty Berg of Cleaner Alternatives, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, took the (BEFORE) picture above - for us to see what he was faced with as he tried to address the client's concerns about his driveway.  As Monty had used our products successfully for a number of years, he was pleased and confident to suggest our EATOILS™ BT200™ for the job.  Due to the ongoing cleaning action of EATOILS™ BT200™ Monty knew that the stains would be continually cleaned by the millions of tiny micro-scrubbers in BT200™ and that the deep stains could be effectively reversed in a relatively short timeframe.

"As the driveway was open aggregate concrete and only about a month old, it had absorbed the asphalt sealer quite deeply into the surface so there was a scramble to reverse the process as quickly as possible," Monty says.


First, the entire area was sprayed with mineral spirits to break up the oils in the sealer.  Then the driveway was sprayed with healthy dose of warm water and EATOILS™ BT200™ (in a 3:1 ratio).  The entire area was brushed with a stiff broom to help the product penetrate into the pores of the concrete.  BT200™ cleaned and digested not only the oils that were broken out of the sealer, but also any residue from the mineral spirits.  After an hour or so the driveway was power washed and a light spray of the product was applied to keep on working for the next few days.  After a week the stains had faded but it was still evident that something had gone wrong on the driveway - so the BT200™ treatment was repeated.  It took two more times - a week apart - to get the results that you see here in the second (AFTER) picture.  The driveway is now ready for a proper sealer.

"We now have an extremely happy customer who can't wait to recommend us and our EATOILS™ BT200™ to his friends and neighbours," says Sherry Berg of Cleaner Alternatives.

It always amazes me how some people, when left on their own, can  get into some of the worst situations!  This young fellow didn't ask the right questions in the store - and as a result, he could have caused a very serious problem for the homeowner.  Luckily for this homeowner, he was able to find the right professionals with the right product to virtually reverse the situation at a reasonable cost.

Our EATOILS™ BT200™ is exceptionally good at deep cleaning all types of petroleum oils and greases and it is ideal for cleaning and degreasing driveways, restaurant drive-thrus, garages and parking surfaces.  EATOILS™ BT200™ is GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN.

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